Automotive Epoxy Flooring


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Automotive Epoxy Flooring 

Epoxy Flooring for Automotive showrooms

Automotive generally require a floor that provides durability for vehicular traffic, resist to chemicals such as oil, transmission oil, automotive fluids etc.

From high-tech,attractive auto showrooms to the busiest repair shops, our epoxy floors are resistant.

Impress your customers & protect your floors with Durable, Seamless Flooring system.

In just 48 hours, your floor will be transformed & ready to use.

Our epoxy resin flooring for the automotive industry also looks good, creating clean, bright environments with smooth or slip resistant finishes that are easy to clean. This results in providing an ideal workplace environment so that all staff can be more productive.
Antiskid automotive flooring is low-odour and solvent free during installation. It can also offer insulating and sound deadening effects.