Epoxy resin floors


Dalex Liquid Floors install industrial grade epoxy resin floors, capable of withstanding some of the most harsh environments. This is possible, due to our extensive industry research and many years of experience.

Epoxy resin floors are the ideal coating, for many types of floor. Epoxy coatings are made up of two main components, a resin and a hardener. Furthermore, additional components can be added to increase UV stability, slip resistance, colour and lustre. Advancements in resin technology, have produced truly exceptional results. The materials used by Dalex, are industry leading and will ensure, long lasting, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Epoxy Resin Floors_By Dalex


Abrasion Resistance

Epoxy resin floors provide excellent resistance to wear and tear. Even in an industrial setting, these flooring systems can provide long lasting protection.

Chemical Resistance

Some chemicals can cause serious damage to floors, epoxy resins are capable of withstanding chemical spills, without causing long term damage.

Slip Resistant Flooring

Non-Slip flooring is vital in certain settings. For instance, commercial kitchens, public wet areas and many factory settings. Dalex provide a variety of slip resistant options.


Our range of quality resins, include anti-microbial chemicals. Resulting in the inability for bacteria to harbour in your floor. producing, safe, easily clean-able floors.

Beautiful Colours

Colour is one of the most important aspects of design. Dalex offer a range of vibrant colour options, to suit all your design needs. Including single and multi colour systems.

Creative Designs

Inspired by our customers, Dalex provide a variety of designer flooring options. Epoxy resin is extremely versatile, the options are literally endless and limited only, by your imagination.


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