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Car Parks Flooring

Car park vehicle decking, supplied and installed by Dalex Liquid Floors, is extremely colourful and offers bright clear delineation for better safety and user experience.
Dalex have built a strong reputation for delivering world-class protective car park vehicle decking, with colourful and clear delineation to commercial and private car park environments.
We supply and install a unique range of performance resin coating decking products which have been installed to a number of car parking facilities in Perth.

Waterproofing and Floor protection in one solution
Car parks face a multitude of challenges with their floors. The car park flooring will need to be able to protect the concrete from abrasion and damage. Furthermore in the case of multi-storey car parks they also need to act as waterproofing intermediate layers.

However, the challenges do not stop here: Products specified for such areas will need to be resistant to hot tires and car emissions. Occasionally there will be spillages from brake fluids, car oils, and other chemicals. All these factors need to be taken into account when designing the right car park floor.

Certain areas of the car park floor (like pedestrian lanes and ramps) also need to provide anti-slip protection.

In car parks it is common to specify polyurethane coatings This will especially be the case if the floor coatings need to act as a protective waterproofing layer.

However each car park project is different so make sure to contact us so that we can give you the best possible advice.

car parks flooring

Protective Car Park

At Perth, with our protective car park vehicle decking, we are committed to transforming contemporary car park environments – making them look and feel a world away from the dark and unwelcoming concrete block.
Our waterproof car park decking, cosmetically enhances existing car parks, has a highly-accredited fire rating and is exceptionally durable and hard-wearing. These qualities make it the ideal choice for today’s car parks and vehicle traffic decking, where first impressions count.

Our product is backed by the promise of fast installation time and a comprehensive warranty. It provides a convenient and effective method of protecting new developments, as well as enhancing ageing concrete structures.
Our protective car park decking, with colourful and clear delineation systems are able to be tailored to your slip resistance requirements aiding you to keep slip and trip hazards to a minimum. We can also minimize or eradicate irritating tyre squeal noise.


Cosmetically enhanced and reduced noise makes multi-storey car parks and suspended floors brighter and safer environments to visit. The product is ideally suitable for refurbishment of existing car parks decking or new construction projects.
It also offers colourful, watertight hard wearing surface for intermediate decks of multi-storey car parks.


Ideal for exposed car park decking the protective car park vehicle decking, with colourful and clear delineation, is a flexible solvent-free polyurethane car park coating system. It offers a colourful crack bridging, waterproof wearing surface for multi-storey and exposed decks.
It cosmetically enhances and reduces noise, making car parks lighter, safer environments to visit.
It is suitable for refurbishment and on new construction projects.


The solvent-free protective coating is ideally suited to intermediate or underground decks with commercial or privately-owned car park environments.
It offers a flexible polyurethane, trafficable and waterproof coating which produces a dynamic, colourful and safe car park decking.
It has excellent bond strength and FAST TRACK installation.


The methyl methacrylate decking coating system provides a colourful watertight, hard wearing surface for high trafficable decking. It enables fast track application, dramatically reducing program time.
It’s ideally suited where there’s high frequency usage that requires FAST CURING for next day usage, such as, sporting venues, car parks, public areas, shopping centres, walkways and service corridors.



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